What is LED? 

It is an acronym, a word, and it can become a lifestyle. Lovin Every Day is a phrase that everyone you interact with can identify with and appreciate. James 4:14 says, "What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes." We all see this happening and it can push us to despair, or to positively squeeze every ounce out of the day we are given.

As a word, being LED by something bigger than ourselves may be foreign idea. However, you need only to experience a sunset, the stars and countless other outdoor experiences cause a breakthrough moment. We all see an artist, but who is He? The flame you see about the word "LED" is a representation of the Spirit God who is the leader. That frees each of us up to follow, vs. the heavy burden of having all the answers.

We all know that there are plenty of great apparel companies and the world does not need many more. So why another apparel company? You will see on many of of our product descriptions to "embrace a message that is more than just a brand". LED becomes a lifestyle when an individual gets to translate the answer to the question, "What is LED?". Although each of us who receive that question do not have a complete answer, our response reveals how we see our lives and who is in control. 

You've heard it said, "necessity is the mother of all invention". Part of the beauty of LED Nation is that we don't need this for any reason and yet invention is happening. That gives LED a tremendous amount of freedom to be artistic and not just marketable.

Profits from LED Nation go directly to the LED Legacy Fund...

The LED Legacy Fund was established to develop leadership and Christ-driven spiritual growth.

We desire to help people fighting cancer creating a LED to Overcome t-shirt where 100% of profits go to medical bills. Or maybe a local nonprofit can profit from some LED to Compassion?   Momentum is mounting here, and I am sure that while we are LED to Fish, we are LED to fish for something bigger than just creatures of the sea. Matthew 4:18-20.